Eagle Arrows Bangladesh started its journey in Bangladesh

Eagle Arrows Bangladesh started its journey in Bangladesh. In a new way. Eagle Arrows started its journey in America and Europe in 2019.

In late 2020, however, they announced the closure of their operations when the company suffered financial losses due to Corona’s onslaught. Recently, their office in Narayanganj can be seen on Google Maps and Apple Maps.

When contacted, the CEO and Md. Riaz said, “We are continuing to try to compensate ourselves after the financial loss in Corona.” Traditionally, there is much anonymous e-commerce in the country, as well as notoriety. So we are willing to earn the reputation from the consumers by the quality of our service.

For which we need quality products and fast delivery. We try to give good after-sales service. We also use send as a delivery partner for faster delivery.

We always put the convenience of the buyer first. The best thing about our eCommerce is that we are not just Facebook commerce.


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